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Taekwondo in Spain

Publicado: 23 May 2021 18:19
por Croat
Hello, my name is Mario and I come from Croatia.

I love martial arts, especially taekwondo.

Spain is the most successful European nation in taekwondo, and the second most successful in the world.

So I started following Spanish taekwondo. I made a table with all the medals won from the World and European Championships.


For some taekwondo fighters, I didn’t know from which autonomous community they came from.

These are the following taekwondo fighters:
Maria Jose Diaz
Rafaela Velasco
Oscar Sanchez
Juan Sanchez
Jose Blanca
Fernando Vadillo
Beatriz Alvarez
Encarna Tourino
Jose Eles
Jose Luis Alvarez
Amelia Calabria
Jesús Martín
Eduardo Merchan
Eugenio Castro
Augustin denit
Jose Sanchez Elez
Charo Munoz
Olga Mazua
Fatima Mir
Oscar Blanco
Enrique Mendaza
Edurne Berrio
Aitor Rodriguez
Elisonda Tobau
Sabina Gaspar

If you know where they come from, please let me know, so that I can complete the table and find out from which region the best Spanish taekwondo fighters come.

Best regards!